FAEBI® EPDM/stainless steel


FAEBI® – rubber air spring insulator in EPDM or stainless steel design

FAEBI® elements in VA and EPDM versions were specifically developed for outside applications. Effortless vibration insulation of systems in the open air such as air conditioning units,  compressors, heat exchangers, cold water chillers.


  • Permissible temperature range: -25 °C to +125 °C
  • Prices and delivery times on request.
  • In addition to our standard solutions listed here we also carry numerous special solutions. Please contact us, we would be happy to advise you.
  • The use of a stainless steel protective hood is recommended for outside applications.

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All information on our rubber air springs can be found in our catalog excerpt “FAEBI® rubber air springs” (PDF).



Details (technical data)


  • Permissible temperature range: -25 °C to +125 °C
  • The use of a stainless steel protective hood is recommended for outside applications.

Please also pay attention to the point “General information“.


Fixing bolts

A large range of different bolts are available for each type of FAEBI® element. The suitable bolt in each case can be found in the following table. All bolts are delivered with standard thread. 1 bolt, 1 nut and 1 washer are supplied with the  FAEBI® elements.

Item numbers of the fixing bolts
FAEBI® (-HD) TypeThreadMaterialItem no.Length in mm
FAEBI® 50M10galvanised19-0311100
M10stainless steel18-0005100
FAEBI® 75/100M12galvanised19-0322100
M12stainless steel18-0016100
FAEBI® 125/150/200 (-HD)M16galvanised19-0324125
M16stainless steel18-0066125
FAEBI® 300 (-HD)/430 (-HD)M20galvanised19-0327150
M20stainless steel18-0044150
FAEBI® 580 (-HD)M24galvanised19-0329150
M24stainless steel18-0052150

Pressure control


The Bilz pressure control is the ideal addition to applications that do not need automatic level control. Instead of filling the air springs manually, they are connected to a constant compressed air supply. The working height of the individual insulators can each be individually set with one pressure regulator.


  • Applications with a constant centre of gravity during the production/testing process (no moving machine  components, workpieces, etc., steady masses).
  • Difficult to access systems, where the manual checking of air pressure in the air springs is impeded.

Advantages of the FAEBI® pressure control

  • Simple and precise setting of the required pressure for each air spring or control group.
  • Maintenance free
  • Manometer for continuous pressure indication
  • Upstream particle filter and water trap
  • Can be configured for any number of air springs or control

Mechanical-pneumatic level control MPN-LCVFaebi Niveauregelung Ventil

The mechanical-pneumatic level control (MPN) with our robust proportional valve LVC represents a simple but effective solution for preventing skew positions resulting from load changes. A plunger continuously probes the level and the position of the plunger is transmitted to a slide valve. The air spring is either pressurized or the internal pressure is vented in accordance with the position of the plunger. The adjustable target level is maintained within an accuracy of ± 1/10 mm. In principle three control valves are used, that optionally have an upstream air maintenance unit for conditioning the pneumatic air supply, limiting the system pressure to 6 bar, removing accumulated condensate and filtering out solid particles (rust and dust).

Very robust galvanised proportional valve. Level accuracy is approximately ± 1/10 mm.

Protective hood

FAEBI mit Abdeckhaube

If the contact surface of the FAEBI® element (see Type series FAEBI® or FAEBI®-HD) is not completely covered by the bottom edge of the machine, then an appropriate hood is required to ensure the sufficient load distribution across the air spring. A hood will also provide protection from external damage.
Material: Steel sheet (primed black)
The protective hood is also available in stainless steel on request.

TypeItem no.A
AH-FAEBI® 50/7540-0013131155402
AH-FAEBI® 10040-0001141405452
AH-FAEBI® 12540-0004181605602
AH-FAEBI® 15040-0006181905602
AH-FAEBI® 200/-HD40-0007182555603
AH-FAEBI® 300/-HD40-0009223605603
AH-FAEBI® 430/-HD40-00122250010604
AH-FAEBI® 580 (-HD)40-00142768010604


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