Accessories­Precision levelling wedges

Our accessories complete the performance requirements of our precision levelling wedges and consequently support an ideal machine arrangement.

Precision levelling wedges – Isolating discs for bolt head isolation

Isolating discs for bolt head isolation

Our isolation washers for bolt heads provide sufficient vibration and structure borne noise isolation of fixed machines and components. They can be used at temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C and are highly resistant to industrially used oils, greases, acids and cooling mixtures.

Precision levelling wedges – Anchors for floor anchoring

Anchors for floor anchoring

Fischer heavy-duty anchor SL Fischer reaction anchor R and threaded rod RG

Fischer anchor bolt FAZ

Our product range includes Fischer anchors.

Other types and manufacturers on request

Precision levelling wedges – Extension for levelling wedge bolt

Extension for levelling wedge bolt

If the levelling bolt is difficult to access, we recommend using the levelling bolt extension. This ensures quick and easy levelling even when space is limited. These levelling aids are available in different lengths and wrench widths depending on the levelling wedge shoe used.

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