Table platforms

Vibration insulating table platforms with integrated air spring in a sturdy metal housing. Optionally available with mechanical-pneumatic level control.
Passive table plattforms

General information on table platforms

VITAP vibration insulating platforms are made of a robust, powder-coated aluminium housing with integrated Bilz FAEBI® rubber air springs or Bilz BiAir® membrane air springs.

Depending on the variant, they are optionally equipped with simple to convenient Bilz position or level control systems and are available with or without connection to an external compressed air supply.
A polished hard stone plate lies on the isolators as a support base and solid base mass.


  • Only in conjunction with a rigid base/table
  • For light and small measuring or testing equipment weighing up to 200 kg.
  • Optical devices, microscopes, small surface roughness and roundness measuring equipment, hardness testers, analytical balances, etc.
  • Also suitable for portable use of these measuring devices.
  • Applications in industrial production environments, laboratories and measuring rooms up to clean rooms.
Montage eines Mikroskops auf Bilz VITAP® schwingungsisolierter Tischplattform

Bilz VITAP® with Olympus microscope

Aktive table platforms

General information

The e-Stable mini active table platform features active control in 6 degrees of freedom, providing excellent vibration isolation for lightweight table-top units. Various diagrams can be displayed directly on an LCD monitor. The aluminium cover plate and the special housing means that the unit is suitable for use in clean rooms.


  • Microscopes, e.g. SPM, AFM, SEM, laser microscopes
  • Interferometers
  • Electronic scales
  • Surface roughness testers
  • Other sensitive table-top instruments
Aktive Bilz Tischplattform e-Stable mini - Regelung in bis zu sechs Freiheitsgraden möglich

Aktive table platform e-stable mini

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