Mechanical pneumatic level control MPN-PVM

Reset accuracy is ± 1/100 mm

General product description


Mechanical pneumatic level control MPN-PVM

High-precision proportional valve to prevent tilting as a result of load changes. The level is continuously sensed by means of a plunger. The position of the plunger is directly applied to the valve and the air spring is pressurised or vented respectively. The target level is adjusted by turning the knurled adjustment ring and is maintained with an accuracy of ± 1/100 mm. Three control valves are used, which can be connected to an additionally available maintenance unit for compressed air preparation. This limits the system pressure to max. 6 bar, removes any condensate and cleans the compressed air of solid particles (rust and dust).

Technical Data and Variants

  • proportional valve
  • The reset accuracy is ± 1/100 mm
  • Compressed air quality must be in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010 in order to operate the air elements: Air class 2.4.2, below 15°C: Air class 2.3.2
  • Supplied as a complete set which includes the 3 control valves and all necessary hose lines and connectors for 4 air springs. All components are also available individually as spare parts.
  • Available as an option: Throttle valve for reducing the air volume flow should the control system tend to overshoot.
  • In addition to the standard solutions listed here we also hold special versions with regard to material, flow, accuracy and restoring force.
Available in the following versions
  • MPN-PVM for BiAir® membrane air springs: Item no. 61-0010
    Standard version PVM with carbide washer
  • MPN-PVM-kurz-Pad-A for BiAir® membrane air springs: Item no. 61-0058
    Shortened version of the PVM with plunger isolation pad The plunger insulation pad is an additional insulation disc that is inserted between the valve plunger and the machine that reduces disturbances that would otherwise be transmitted through the valve plunger. This facilitates improved insulation of sensitive machinery, particularly where the load is low.

Mechanical pneumatic level control MPN-PVM

MPN-PVM air maintenance unit with pressure regulator and filter

Air maintenance unit with pressure regulator and filter

The air maintenance units are used to set the optimum system pressure and prepare the compressed air for the air spring system. The integrated compressed air preparation system traps incidental condensate and cleans the compressed air of particles such as rust and dust. This ensures the required compressed air quality (air class 2.4.2 or 2.3.2) according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

WFD-M-PVM: item no. 61-0048
Version with additional fine filter (up to 1 µm)

WFD-M-PVM-Oil-Filter: item no. 61-0049
Version with additional ultrafine filter (up to 0.01 µm) for polluted, oily air


MPN-PVM anti-trapping protection

Anti-trapping protection

The anti-trapping protection can be used to reduce the risk of crushing in the area of the valve or sensor plungers.
The anti-trapping protection can be attached to the special carbide washer supplied and consequently can also be retrofitted to existing systems. It can be removed without damage for maintenance work.

Anti-trapping protection incl. compatible hard metal disc, per valve: Item no. 50-0276

MPN-PVM bellows


To protect the LCV valve in contaminated environments.

Per valve: item no. 66-0001


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