Focused on partnership

Whether it’s a large international corporation or a regional firm: We of Bilz Vibration Technology AG are your partner. Partnership forms the basis of our corporate culture and our values.
Illustratives Bild zu Bilz - Partnerschaft ist die Basis unserer Unternehmenskultur und gründet auf unseren Werten
Our values

What is important to us

Together, we at Bilz have developed values that are important to each of us personally and that we implement in our everyday business. Our values show how we like to deal with each other and how we shape our relationships to our customers, business partners and suppliers.

We have defined four values for ourselves. It was a lengthy process in which all our staff participated. It was the right thing to do to take time for this. Because now we know that these values correspond exactly to our corporate culture.
Bilz Team: Marco Bilz - Vorstand
Marco Bilz


What do we want? For you to be completely satisfied.

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives our actions. To this end, we treat our customers and business partners with respect and in a spirit of partnership. We understand their requirements, give them competent advice and together we work out the optimal solution. The highest product quality, fair prices and the best service are the basis of our customer orientation.

Illustratives Bild zum Bilz Unternehmenswert Kundenzufriedenheit: höchste Produktqualität, faire Preise und bester Service sind die Basis unserer Kundenorientierung.
Illustratives Bild zu vertrauensvoller Zusammenarbeit als wichtigstem Grundstein zum geschäftlichen Erfolg


We are true to our word.
We are reliable.

We keep our commitments and promises. Because this is how you create trust. We believe that trustful cooperation with customers and business partners is the most important foundation for business success.

Our customers


We find the best solution for our customers.

We are not satisfied with anything less. What does such a solution look like? It must be as efficient as possible and cost efficient at the same time. We want our customers to be successful in the long run and to benefit from competitive advantages. For this, we are increasingly incorporating aspects of sustainability and environmentally conscious action into our work.


We are fast and have short paths.

Short response times are important success factors for our customers in manufacturing and research. The way to our large warehouse right at our company headquarters is also short. In this way we prevent bottlenecks and problems with procurement.

Our services

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