Vibration isolated tables

Laboratory tables for the insulation of disturbing ambient vibrations when working on highly sensitive equipment.
Vibration isolated tables

General information

Our laboratory tables are vibration-isolated work places that can be used, for example, as microscope tables and are available with a hard stone (type LTH) or optical table top (type LTO). Disturbing vibrations from the environment are isolated through highly effective membrane air spring isolators. At the same time, the mechanical-pneumatic level control ensures that the level (± 1/ 10 mm as standard or ± 1/ 100 mm as an option) is retained even with load changes. A maintenance unit is also included, which is connected upstream for compressed air conditioning.

  • LTH with hard stone as intrinsic solid base and additional mass for ideal vibration insulation
  • LTO with optical plate for flexible attachment of attachments (e.g. optics)

Tailored to your applications

Individual requirements vary greatly depending on the application, particularly in the area of laboratory tables. There is a wide range of possible special designs available in terms of dimensions, potential load-bearing capacities, materials, insulating efficiency and equipment:

Examples for optional equipment:

  • Special sizes
  • Mechanical or electronic level control
  • Membrane or rubber air springs
  • Isolators integrated in the subframe as an option
  • Cover hood
  • Drawers
  • Arm rests
  • Holders for PC, monitor, keyboard etc.
  • Additional holes/threads in tabletop or subframe
  • Profiles and brackets for additional components
  • Castors or levelling elements
  • Various materials and finishes for doors, enclosure, shelves etc.

Please get in touch, we are happy to provide advice on the configuration of your tailor-made, vibration-isolated table.

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