A solution for every type of vibration

We deal with vibration isolation, vibration technology, vibration damping and machine installation since 1985. Our company, Bilz Vibration Technology AG, is the market leader in this field.
Bilz Unternehmen - Marco Bilz, CEO der Bilz Vibration Technology AG
Bilz Vibration Technology AG

Wherever vibrations interfere

We offer solutions in the area of vibration technology, vibration isolation, vibration damping and the installation of machines. We are the market leader, especially for pneumatic spring technology.

We are technical outfitters for mechanical and plant constructions and the automotive and semiconductor industries and their suppliers. But, in addition: Our customers hail from all areas of industry and research – in other words, from all fields where vibrations are a problem. We develop and distribute our products and specialised services for vibration isolation for these customers from our location here in Leonberg. Quality made in Germany.

No matter which field: We find effective and cost-efficient solutions for almost any vibration-related problem.

Spectrum of services

You can rely on it

Wherever you manufacture or research – our highly qualified technicians are there for you. Whether in virtually any part of the world or at our company headquarters in Leonberg. You can count on us – be it for consultation, planning or the commissioning and maintenance of your vibration-optimised system.

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Worldwide distribution

Our home is in Leonberg, but we are represented all over the world through our distribution network. For you this means competent local consultation, fast reaction time and guaranteed delivery times.

Find a distribution partner

made in Germany

From the development, design, construction, production to assembly – all our products and solutions are produced at our company headquarters in Leonberg. Would you like to know why this is important to us?

10 hard facts about Bilz

Illustratives Bild zu Bilz Unternehmen - von der Entwicklung, Auslegung, Konstruktion, Fertigung bis zur Montage: Made in Germany
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Experts in vibration isolation

Bilz Vibration Technology AG was founded in 1985 under the name ‘Bilz Schwingungstechnik GmbH’ by Dieter Bilz. Today the next generation is taking our business further. Get to know us better.

Our team

Focused on Partnership

We see our customers and suppliers as equal partners with whom we want to have a long term and trusting working relationship. In this we do not differentiate between a large company or a family business.

Our customers



We enable technology leaders in industry and research to run their plants vibration free. Safe, fast work processes and optimal, sustainable results are guaranteed. In our own processes, we focus increasingly on the reduction of CO2 emission and the conservation of resources in respect of our use of materials, recycling and energy consumption. Thereby we gradually bring our suppliers on board with this. The social aspect is also important for us: We take responsibility for our employees by offering flexible working hours, a wide offer of further education and the promotion of personal development.

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Advantages of Bilz vibration technology

Our customers benefit from our know-how

Challenges related to construction and running of modern machinery and plants increase daily. Machines of today have a much higher level of performance, for example in the processing speed or with manufacturing precision. In order to achieve optimal results with them it is necessary to reduce transferred vibrations and machine-borne noise.

  • Optimal vibration isolation and machine-borne noise
  • Effective protection for people, the environment and buildings
  • Better quality and higher manufacturing precision
  • Increased throughput due to shorter cycle times in production
  • Reduced costs through easier handling of machines
  • Security through DIN ISO 9001EC, Machinery Directive, EC Low Voltage Directive and EC EMC Directive
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