Good vibrations

We at Bilz Vibration Technology AG are experts for vibration isolation for industry and research. There is virtually no vibration problem which we cannot solve.
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Our family business rests on these three pillars

We are technical outfitters for mechanical and plant construction and the automotive and semiconductor industries and their suppliers. Our customers from other fields such as medical technology and laboratory equipment also value our high quality, innovative products. We take a leading position in the specialised field of vibration isolation, vibration damping and machine setup technology. We are the only provider worldwide that offers the complete range of products and solutions.

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range of products

Our range of products covers virtually all applications in industry and research: from simple isolation plates to vibration isolation to levelling elements to vibration isolating machine installation and vibration isolating laboratory tables. No matter whether your issue concerns a forging hammer with insulating composite plates or highly sensitive machines with air bearings, there is practically no vibration problem which we cannot solve.

More about Bilz products

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We can also find a solution for YOU!

The right vibration technology for your application, whether off-the-shelf or custom made – that is what we do. Our products are only part of the solution. The other part is our staff, who will enthusiastically develop new concepts for you. We promise – together we will find the best way for you!

Have a look at Bilz solutions

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The kind of service you need

We are a system supplier and project partner with all-round service: From the problem analysis to the planning phase of a project up to the installation, commissioning and after -sales service – we are a one-stop-shop for you. With our distribution network we offer you competent consultation, service and, of course, vibration isolation worldwide.

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facts and figures

Important information at a glance

Group 10
Made in Germany

The company headquarters of Bilz Vibration Technology AG are located in Leonberg near Stuttgart, in other words in the ‘Ländle’, a region known for its tinkerers and hidden champions. The development, design, manufacture and assembly of our products stays in Germany – resulting in the high quality that you may expect.

Our distribution is worldwide.

Finding distributing partners

Made in Germany

The company headquarters of Bilz Vibration Technology AG are located in Leonberg near Stuttgart, in other words in the ‘Ländle’, a region known for its tinkerers and hidden champions. The development, design, manufacture and assembly of our products stays in Germany – resulting in the high quality that you may expect.

Our distribution is worldwide.

Finding distributing partners

Establishment of the company

Bilz Vibration Technology AG was founded in 1985 under the name ‘Bilz Schwingungstechnik GmbH’ by Dieter Bilz, who thus continued the trade business of his late father, who died at a young age. While still a student, Dieter Bilz already sold isolation pads, levelling elements and wedge mounts. In 1986 the company moves for the first time – to Leonberg.

Since 1989

The first representatives in France, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan and Korea now also distribute Bilz Schwingungstechnik internationally. In 1990 representation in the USA is added and Bilz is also represented in Italy since 1996. In the year 1995 we move into our current headquarters at the Böblinger Straße 25 in Leonberg.

Stock company

Bilz goes international! In order to better serve the international markets, we renamed and converted our company to a public limited company in 2006. This step was proven to be the right one: Apart from Germany, Asia has become the most important market for Bilz.

Market leader

In the field of vibration technology, we have specialised in vibration isolation, vibration damping and the installation of machines. Especially in the field of air spring technology, we were able to establish ourselves as a leading supplier for mechanical and plant engineering, industrial measurement technology as well as the semiconductor and automotive industries and their suppliers.


For us quality means that our products, services and solutions meet the expectations of our clients fully. In this we are not guided by relative standards. Only the best quality, measured against modern insights of science and technology, is acceptable. All for the benefit of our customers.


We at Bilz are now continuing our family tradition into the second generation. Our entrepreneurial way of thinking is characterised by long-term concepts and searching for new horizons, and is not orientated to short-term profit maximisation. Likewise, our revenue and the number of staff members have been growing continuously since 1985.

Our Team

Many employees have been loyal to our company for many years – some have even been with us since it was founded. Yet, even for the new ones the same holds true: We at Bilz all pull together! We are currently more than 55 men and women from ten nations.

Research & development

In our laboratory, we further develop our products and test prototypes for tailor-made solutions. We use our testing machines for material tests, and conduct dynamic load tests and other quality checks.


Our prices are a fair counter value for our products. We want our pricing to remain balanced, leading to neither an unwanted additional burden for our customers nor a restriction of our own ability to innovate and provide service.

Do you have questions about Bilz AG or are you looking for a vibration insulation solution?
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Our customers (excerpt)

Our focus is on you as our customer. At all times.

In the last few years, many leaders in technology from industry and research across the world have joined us. That makes us grateful and proud.

It is important to remain flexible and to continue to optimise the strategy and the product portfolio. That only works if you know the market from the bottom up and if your team is very qualified. That is why we all continue to educate ourselves. This is how we will continue to meet the growing demands of our customers in the future as well.
Bilz Team: Marco Bilz - Vorstand
Marco Bilz
Bilz Vibration Technology AG

Get to know us

We are an owner-managed family business and have specialised in the insulation of vibration and structure-borne noise in machines and systems. We are experts and all-out team players. Together we will find the best solution for your vibration problem.

Raphael Bilz und Marco Bilz im Büro
Bilz Unternehmen - Illustration zur Unternehmenskultur
Bilz Unternehmen - Illustration zum Bereich inhabergeführtes Familienunternehmen
Managing director

Marco Bilz

We regard ourselves as paving the way for our customers’ success.

Raphael Bilz
Executive Assistant

It’s a great joy to be able to help shape the strategic and future-orientated topics and to develop the company sustainably together with all our staff.
Financial accounting and order execution

Sieghard Geske
Departmental Head | Financial accounting

I find the family atmosphere and the varied areas of work very positive. Bilz is characterized by collegial interaction and a strong team spirit.

Carmen Batista-Turiano
Human Resources & Financial Accounting

With us, everyone has a wide range of development opportunities and the flexible working hours make it easy to combine work and family.

Diana Stahl
Order Processing Manager

With us, it’s always about the best solution for the customer. We listen carefully and in this way enter into a dialogue with our customers. And we explain our technology and our solutions to them - face to face.

Joachim Straub
General & Purchasing Manager

Bilz Vibration Technology has development into a leading company in its industry over more than 35 years. We find innovative solutions and continue on our way to success.
Air springs and electronic systems

David Brenk
Head of special applications and development

We have your application in mind. Special tasks need individual solutions. Together with you, we find the best solution for your requirements and accompany you from the prototype to series application. If the required solution does not exist yet – we develop it.
Design and standard products

Mathias Göhring
Manager Design Department & Standard Products

We are problem solvers. Our approach is always solution-oriented: whether it means implementing a technical solution for a customer in record time or implementing customised applications for products: we always find a solution for you.

Ulrich Warbinek
General Manager Sales

What drives us: The best solution for our customers.

Peter Daxer
Sales Central Germany

Martin Kamann
Technical Sales Engineer

Samuel Köhle
Technical Sales Engineer

Roman Lebioda
Sales Western Germany

Emilio Morrea
Sales South-Western Germany

Marijana Petrovic
Sales South-Eastern Germany/Austria

Oliver Schaile
Sales South Germany/Austria East/Liechtenstein

Uwe Steudel
Coordinator International Sales

Tanja Wittmann
Marketing & Sales

Frank Rückert
Sales Eastern Germany


Francesco Beraldi
Manufacturing Manager

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