level control

High-performance level control systems for air spring insulators combined with maximum level consistency.
Mechanical pneumatic level control

General information on mechanical level control systems

  • Supplied as a complete set which includes the 3 control valves and all necessary hose lines and connectors for 4 air springs. All components are also available individually as spare parts.
  • On the LCV variant the air flow can be reduced using the throttle valve should the control system tend to overshoot The PVM variant can also be fitted with a throttle valve as an option
  • In addition to the standard solutions listed here we also hold special versions with regard to material, flow, accuracy and restoring force
Valve function

The level is continuously sensed by means of a plunger. The position of the plunger is directly applied to the slide valve The air spring supplied with compressed air via the valve is pressurised or vented according to the position of the valve slide. The target level is adjusted by turning the knurled adjustment ring. The height and level of the machine is adjusted using three valves.

Function of the mechanical-pneumatic level control systems

The valves are used to adjust and automatically regulate the air pressure inside the isolators according to the respective load by means of rapid ventilation and venting. This enables the highest degree of stability and effective insulation even with changes in the centre of gravity.


A level control system consists of at least three mechanical-pneumatic valves and three air springs (Fig. 1). If more isolators are required due to reasons of design or load, the system must still be operated in three controlled groups (Fig. 2), as otherwise it is statically overdetermined. This is achieved by using multiple isolators in parallel as a group (Fig. 2). Optionally, an additionally available maintenance unit for compressed air preparation can be connected upstream of the control valves.

Sketch for the design of the Bilz mechanical level control system with 3 valves and 3 air springs

Figure 1

Sketch of the parallel connection of a Bilz mechanical level control system

Figure 2

Detailaufnahme Bilz Mechanische Niveauregelsysteme
Mechanical level control systems by Bilz
Detail-Foto Bilz Mechanische Niveauregelsysteme
Mechanical level control systems by Bilz (detail)
Produktbeispiel Detailfoto Bilz Mechanische Niveauregelsysteme
Bilz mechanical level control system for air spring isolators in conjunction with maximum level consistency
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