Mechanical engineering/plant construction

Over 90% vibration isolation

Boschert: rubber air springs for highly effective shock and vibration isolation
Bilz Lösung: Vibrationsreduzierung mit FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern für Stanzmaschinen von Boschert

Punching machine for sheet metal working tasks from Boschert – with FAEBI® rubber air springs from Bilz

  • Vibration isolation ratio > 90 %


Boschert GmbH + Co KG in Lörrach is one of the leading manufacturers of sheet metal machines. The medium-sized company was founded in 1948 already and has established itself firmly as supplier in the sheet metal industry. Boschert is one of the few firms that still manufactures almost 100 percent of its products in-house. One thing is clear: Wherever high-performance machines punch, nibble or bend, vibrations occur. To reduce these, Boschert has used our solutions successfully since 2008.


Boschert’s Multipunch is a universal and flexible punching machine for various sheet metal processing tasks. Another punching machine, the CombiLaser with its advanced plasma cutting technology, cuts thin sheet metals to the highest quality. For both machines, vibrations must be reduced to the minimum as they influence the accuracy of the work machining and thereby directly affect the quality of the products.  

Bilz Lösung: Beispiel zur Schwingungsentstörung mit FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern für Stanzmaschinen von Boschert

Sheet metal working with “Multipunch” from Boschert. FAEBI® rubber air springs integrated for vibration isolation


FAEBI® rubber air springs from Bilz have been used for many years for successful shock and vibration suppression of machines, appliances and aggregates. The construction design enables highly effective shock and vibration insulation without the disadvantage of excessive horizontal deflection. A collapse of the element due to overload or sudden pressure drop is impossible. Due to anti-slip plates on the base plate of the spring elements, additional floor anchoring is usually not necessary.

Rubber air springs from Bilz are excellently suited for:

  • Source insulation of high-speed presses, forging hammers and other machines and aggregates with high dynamic interference forces
  • Receiver insulation of measuring and testing machines as well as high-precision machine tools

FAEBI® rubber air springs do not only offer excellent isolation characteristics, but also at the same time high mechanical stability.

We are looking for a reliable solution to reduce the vibrations generated by the machine and to reduce vibrations inside the machine.
Jean-Sébastien Sitter
Managing Director Boschert GmbH & Co. KG

These are the areas of application for Bilz rubber air springs

Highly effective vibration isolation of

  • sensitive measuring and test machines
  • precision machining
  • laser systems as well as optical and electronic devices
  • vibration-isolated storage of vehicle, engine and transmission test benches
    foundation insulation
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