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Buja Metaal: convincing source insulation for a 500 to press
Bilz Lösung: Schwingungsiolierung mit FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern für eine schwere Presse von Buja Metaal

Hursan press with use of FAEBI® rubber air springs for Buja Metaal


Buja Metaal

  • Isolation efficiency ratio > 90 %


Buja Metaal is a Dutch family business that produces tools for production presses and machine parts for machine builders. As our neighbours call it: a real gereedschapmakerij-machinefabriek. Since 1980, Buja works for the vehicle, heating and household appliance industry. A solution for vibration insulation had to be found for a particular heavyweight large press. This is easier said than done…


Buja’s machinery has been expanded with a new hydraulic deep-drawing press type Hursan with a pressure force of 500 to. This deep-drawing press has the measurements 3000 x 1500 mm and a weight of approx. 80 to, which corresponds to about 80 small cars. But it was not only the weight that posed a challenge here, the small surface area also made it difficult to integrate insulation measures. Thereby very good insulation was urgently required due to disturbing vibrations from it in the neighbourhood.

Bilz Lösung: Detailskizze zur Schwingungsisolierung mit FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern für eine schwere Presse von Buja Metaal

Source insulation for 500 t heavy press

Bilz Lösung: Detailzeichnung zur Schwingungsisolierung mit FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern für eine schwere Presse von Buja Metaal

Insulation Hursan Press by Buja Metaal


Our engineers developed a tailor-made solution for this. The enormous weight of the press made it necessary to insert five, instead of the customary four, FAEBI® rubber air springs on each side. For this purpose, the bearing surface had to be enlarged. We designed two metal skis as a base extension for it, which were sunk under the foundation to provide the necessary space for the five air springs. In this way we could optimally use the minimal space and at the same time isolate the large weight effectively. Buja was completely convinced by this overall concept, and we could start implementation speedily.

FAEBI® Gummiluftfedern sind hervorragend geeignet zur

  • source isolation
    • of fast-running presses, forging hammers, other machines and aggregates with high dynamic disturbance forces
  • reciever isolation
    • of measuring and test machines and highly accurate machine tools
With this solution we again delivered a complete package: from on-site consultation to planning and manaufacture to installation and commissioning.
Uwe Steudel
Coordinator International Sales, Bilz Vibration Technology AG

Our services – all from one source:

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  • planning and design
  • manufacturing
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