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Vibration measurement and vibration analysis on site: Our services relating to vibration technology also include the commissioning service of the vibration-insulated system, maintenance, spare parts and repair.
Bilz Service: Illustration zum Service rund um die Schwingungsisolierung
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Analysis and interpretation

Vibration measurement
and vibration analysis

We at Bilz regard ourselves not only as a manufacturer of vibration insulation products, but also as a planning partner and service provider. Before selecting suitable insulation you often need to do a vibration measurement, which we will gladly do for you expertly.

Bilz Service: Schwingungsmessung am Aufstellort

Wave measuring device ViciVision – isolated via a steel platform and a membrane air spring system BiAir®-ED-HE in cast aluminium including a mechanical pneumatic level control MPN-PVM

Vibration measurement at set-up site

A current example of the need for vibration analysis is the storage of high-precision 3D measuring machines and other testing, measuring or grinding machines. As a rule, vibration measurements must be carried out on such machines at the planned installation site. This ensures that the existing floor vibrations do not exceed the permissible levels.

For this purpose, the vibration accelerations are recorded within a specified frequency spectrum (1-100 Hz), since a simple cumulative value measurement would provide insufficient information about the exact environmental conditions. The force-displacement signals are analysed with a Fast Fourier analyser, which displays the associated measured value (vibration acceleration in g) for each frequency of the spectrum.

If the disturbances (radiated vibrations) are outside the permissible range, we can use our computer calculation software to determine the appropriate vibration insulation.

Bilz Service: Schwingungsanalyse mit dem Geophon

Grinding machine Junker Jupiter 500 – isolated via a cast platform and a membrane air spring system BiAir®-ED in cast aluminum including a mechanical pneumatic level control MPN-PVM

Vibration analysis with geophone

Here, vibrations in the lower frequency range are analysed with a highly sensitive geophone. The geophone can record vibration speeds of less than 0.01 µm/s in the 0.2 to 30 Hz range. Precise vibration measurements are necessary for an optimal and customer-specific design, especially in the semiconductor and nanotech industry and for 3D measuring machines.

Other analyses

  • Statistical and dynamic calculations including simulation
  • Formwork and reinforcement plans for oscillating foundations
  • FEM analyses
  • Shaker test bench and dynamic tensile-compression testing machine 50 kN (0-100 Hz)

Our experts will gladly advise you.


Ground vibrations reduced by a factor of 1,000

IBM's Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Centre: combined acoustic and vibration isolation for noise-free labs

To the success story

Technical customer service

We are here for you with eight field service staff in Germany. Worldwide, 25 trade representatives look after our customers.

Installation and commissioning

We gladly assist you with our qualified service staff in the installation and commissioning of your vibration-insulated plant. Personally on site or even with remote maintenance.

Servicing and repairs

We offer a maintenance and repair service to ensure the operability of your vibration-insulated plant. We offer maintenance contracts on request. Short-term repair interventions are also possible.

We bring replacement parts along

Our service staff have any necessary replacement parts available when they do maintenance and repair work. And it doesn’t stop at troubleshooting, but the necessary work can be done right away. That saves money and time.

Training and courses

If required, our experts can train your service and maintenance staff in the commissioning, maintenance and repair of your vibration-insulated plant.

Replacement parts and accessories

We stock a large selection of replacement parts and accessories in our warehouse at our company headquarters in Leonberg. In this way we prevent bottlenecks and problems with procurement.

Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance has proven its worth for error analysis and for solving certain software problems as well. We offer our customers this service.

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