When the showroom vibrates …

Bilginoğlu: laboratory benches for optimal vibration isolation
Anwendungsbeispiel Bilz Labortisch mit BiAir® Luftfedersystem für schwingungsisolierte Arbeitsplätze

Laboratory table at Bilginoğlu Endustri Malzemeleri

  • 9 standard sizes


A company situated in Istanbul in a particularly busy quarter with a lot of traffic at the outskirt of the city centre: ideal conditions for a showroom with high quality metrology. After all, even under the unfavourable environmental conditions that are often found in the industry, these devices must deliver precise results.

The company Bilginoğlu was founded in 1973 by Ercan Bilginoğulları. Since 2019 Bilginoğlu Endustri Malzemeleri is part of the operating network of Bilz and supplies vibration isolation for measuring machines, hardness testers and measuring microscopes for quality control in the metal industry, medical technology and optics, as well as in research.


The company demonstrates the proven Bilz solution for vibration decoupling of measuring machines and small measuring devices in their showroom. The measuring precision of the machines can be demonstrated particularly well with the vibration disturbances caused by passing vehicles and trucks. After all, ground vibrations in particular are a big problem for production-related measurement and reproducible measurement results in quality assurance.


Bilz laboratory benches with BiAir® air spring systems were used here for vibration-isolated work stations. On the one hand, this ensures that the measuring devices can be protected from ambient vibrations, and, on the other hand, a constant error-free quality control can be guaranteed.

Our laboratory tables are used for microscope tables, for example. They are available with a hard stone tabletop (Type LTH) or as an optical tabletop (Type LTO). Disturbing vibrations from the environment are isolated with highly effective membrane air spring isolators. At the same time, mechanical-pneumatic level control automatically ensures that the level can be maintained, even with load changes.

In the area of laboratory benches in particular, individual requirements can vary greatly, depending on the application. We therefore offer a great number of configuration options (dimensions, load capacities, materials, isolation effectiveness and equipment).

Detail Bilz laboratory table at Bilginoğlu
Detailaufnahme Anwendungsbeispiel Bilz Labortisch mit BiAir® Luftfedersystem

The effectiveness of the vibration isolation already becomes apparent during the first machine acceptance.

The company Bilz Vibration Technology AG has a good reputation worldwide as specialist for vibration decoupling of highly precise measuring machines.
Ismail Bilginogullari
Managing Director Bilginoglu Endustri Malzemeleri SAN. Ve Tic. A.S.

Product features of the Bilz laboratory benches

  • adjustable table feet
  • rigid, welded steel substructure
  • membrane air spring isolators BiAir® between substructure and tabletop
  • mechanichal-pneumatic level control
  • tabletop made of polished hard stone
  • varnish according to customer’s request
  • standard colour: ral 9005
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