Solutions for polarisation measurement

Axometrics: high quality vibration decoupling for five-axis microscope systems
Produktbeispiel: Bilz BiAir® Membranluftfeder-Isolatoren im Einsatz in einer LCD Production Machine von Axometrics

Bilz BiAir® membrane air spring isolators integrated in an LCD Production Machine from Axometrics

  • Level reset accuracies > ± 0,01 mm


Axometrics Inc. USA is the leading global provider of Mueller matrix measuring systems for the determination of polarisation properties of materials and optical components. The company with its headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, brought the Müller matrix measuring system to market in 2005 and offers polarisation tests for manufacturers of flat screens, heart valves, smartphone lenses and much more. Axometrics approached our American subsidiary Bilz Vibration Technology, Inc. USA in Cleveland with a particularly interesting task…


The LCD production machine (LCD is short for liquid crystal display) is a high-tech machine for the manufacture and inspection of liquid crystal display or liquid crystal screens. The special challenge here was: The machine uses a five-axis microscopic system to measure the three-dimensional geometry of the liquid crystal molecules within a pixel in an 8K LCD display. These machines are used on the world’s largest LCD production line.

Axometrics requires a high-quality vibration decoupling for these machines. The objective was to protect the integrated microscope in particular from vibration. This is the only way to reliably ensure high-resolution inspection and correct vibration-free measurement results. In addition, the Bilz solution should be repeatable, and trouble-free application should also be possible at future production sites.

Customised solution using six standard air springs BiAir® 3-ED/HE

Customised solution from six standard air springs BiAir® 3-ED/HE


Bilz developed a customised solution with six standard air springs BiAir® 3-ED/HE. A BiAir® membrane air spring isolator consists of turned aluminium or cast aluminium in which the air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressure-resistant rolling membrane. The piston sits on the diaphragm and is pushed into the air volume. This constructive design enables highly effective vibration isolation. In addition, the powder coating makes this solution clean-room compatible, an important requirement for Axometrics.


The vibration-isolated storage of highly sensitive and very heavy high-tech equipment is our speciality.

Here too, our standard BiAir® air springs and our highly precise pneumatic level controls make the difference.
Uwe Steudel
Coordinator International Sales, Bilz Vibration Technology AG

BiAir® membrane air spring isolators– highly efficient vibration isolation for:

  • sensitive measuring and test machines
  • fine machining equipment
  • laser systems as well as optical and electronic devices
  • vibration-isolated storage of vehicle, engine and gearbox test benches
  • foundation insulation

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