Levelling elements

Levelling elements are maintenance-free machine feet for vibration-isolated machine installation. The Bilz machine feet form the perfect combination for precise level adjustment and isolation from disturbing vibrations.
Maintenance-free machine feet

General information on levelling elements

Bilz levelling elements are used for vibration and structure-borne noise insulated machine installation. The maintenance-free machine feet ensure simple and precise levelling of machines and are available in many versions. The appropriate size and insulation pads are selected according to the application and load. The levelling range can be adjusted depending on the selected bolt length and according to individual requirements.

  • The type of insulation pads used can be found in the type description, e.g. BNSH 80/50 is equipped with insulation pad B50, BNVS 50/30W is equipped with B30W, etc.
  • The specified maximum load is composed of the static and dynamic load of the machine.
  • The optimum insulation effect is achieved at approx. 80-90 % of the specified maximum load.
  • Permissible temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C
  • A table for the selection of available bolts can be found under accessories. Nuts and washers are included.

Subject to technical changes.

Please contact us, if the suitable dimension, colour, pad fitting or bolt connection required for your application is not listed. We also have numerous special solutions available besides our standard solutions and colours. We would be happy to provide you with any advice you may require.

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