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Bilz products for vibration isolation and vibration damping of your machinery and equipment



Optimal vibration isolation for highly dynamic machines provided by the new Bilz EPPC™

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Bilz-VITAP – Vibration isolated TableTop Platform


VITAP platforms with integrated air damping in a robust metal shell with levelling system

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Bonded Insulation Plates

Insulation Pads

No more vibration problems with Bilz insulation pads made from lubricant-resistant material

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Leveling Elements

Levelling Elements

Precise machine installation on the basis of levelling feet and bolts

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Precision Leveling Wedges

Precision Levelling Wedges

Bilz precision levelling wedges allow best fine levelling in machine mounting and bearing

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FAEBI Rubber Air Springs

FAEBI® Rubber Air Springs

Air spring system made from high-quality elastomer, also suitable for outdoor use

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BiAir Membrane Air Springs

BiAir® Membrane Air Springs

Highly effective vibration insulation and damping with air spring insulators made from aluminium

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AIS Active Isolation System

AIS™ Active Isolation System

Active vibration isolation system for the highest requirements with up to six degrees of freedom

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Room acoustics / noise protection

Bilz acoustic elements for optimized room acoustics and noise protection

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Magnetic Field Compensation

Effective and reliable shielding from low frequency magnetic fields

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lab table

Insulated Tables

Laboratory tables for highly sensitive equipment isolated from disturbing ambient vibrations

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Measurement Technology - Vibration Analysis

Vibration Site Survey

Vibration analysis to identify appropriate isolation solutions in compliance with specified values

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Accessories for Vibration Technology


Leveling bolts, horizontal elements and insulations discs for bolt head insulation

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