A well-deserved retirement and four new beginnings

All the best and much joy in the well-deserved retirement
Bilz News: Verabschiedung in den Ruhestand

Always warm, helpful and in the best of moods, our colleague Cornelia Zaiser has strengthened our team. Not only at her workplace in order processing, but also at joint events, she was a reliable asset and always up for a good time. We will miss Conny very much and wish her all the best and much joy in her well-deserved retirement.

At the same time we are proud to introduce four new colleagues. We would like to welcome Mr. Simon Freudewald as an apprentice, Mr. Zoran Luzija, Mr. Robin Rothenberger and Mr. Salvatore Beraldi (pictured from left to right) to the production department. We wish them much success and joy in their varied and interesting tasks.

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