Software update AIS/EPPC Standard Version V3.5.400.29

Due to the declining availability of serial interfaces, the web interface of the AIS/EPPC system has been revised.
News - Softwareupdate AIS_EPPC

During this revision, various adjustments/improvements have been made, a selection of the most important new features is briefly listed below:

  • Logging function: A logging function has been added to monitor the system parameters and improve traceability in the event of faults. Error messages and the MC signal (motion complete) can be monitored with “Eventlog”, and controller parameters such as setpoint, actual position, pressure and position deviation can be monitored with “Datalog”.
  • Calculate working position automatically: To simplify commissioning, the working position can be calculated automatically.
  • Shut Off button: The system can be vented quickly in hazardous situations using the “Shut Off” button. The “Shut Off” button is only visible in the “Control via WebVisu” operating mode, in other operating modes the button is missing (see illustration above).
  • Error acknowledgement: For better traceability, the “air supply  missing” error is no longer reset automatically as soon as compressed air is available again.

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