The Bilz Democenter

Bilz AG has maintained a training and demonstration center in our headquarters for several years. We can greet our customers in pleasant surroundings and demonstrate all our products, from our Bilz Insulation Pads all the way to our Active Isolation System AIS™ with six degrees of freedom. We also provide regular training here for our employees and sales representatives from around the world.

As a Bilz customer you are always free to inspect and discuss with us the functionality, benefits and configuration of various Bilz isolation systems.

Our vibration test bench expands our ability to pursue new developments, improve quality and provide our customers with customized configurations of our products.

We can use our 1600-newton XYZ shaker to apply between 0.5 and 300 Hz vibrations to our systems, which enables our test bench to operate at the isolator’s natural frequency and the frequencies of the relevant ground and building structures. By using the test bench in combination with a 3D simulation and calculation program we can determine your specific conditions and guarantee you the optimal configuration for your requirements.