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Here at Bilz we don’t only see ourselves as a producer of vibration isolators, but also as a system supplier and service provider. Before choosing the right isolators it is often necessary to conduct a vibration analysis, and we will do that expertly for you.


Vibration analysis with geophone

Very precise vibration analysis in the lower frequency range can be conducted with a highly-sensitive geophone. Vibration speeds of under 0.01µm/s in the range of 0.2 to 30Hz can be recorded with a geophone. Especially in the semiconductor, nanotechnology, and ultra-precise 3D measurement industries it is necessary to conduct very precise vibration measurements in order to guarantee an optimal and client-specific configuration.

Site survey

A current example for the necessity of vibration analysis is mounting ultra-accurate 3D measurement machines as well as other testing, measurement or grinding machines. It is typically necessary to conduct measurements at the location of the future installation of such machines in order to guarantee that existing floor vibrations do not exceed the maximum allowed values. Vibrational accelerations are measured within a defined frequency range, (1-100 Hz), as a simple sum value measurement cannot provide a sufficient amount of information about the exact conditions. Evaluation of the force-distance signal is conducted with a Fast Fourier Analyzer that displays a measured value for each frequency of the spectrum (vibration acceleration in g). In case the disturbances (vibration immissions) exceed the permissible range, our PC calculation software can help to ascertain the suitable isolation.

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