The next generation of the family joins the company…

Raphael Bilz, Marco Bilz

After successfully completing his studies in industrial engineering and various internships in industry both in Germany and abroad, Raphael Bilz worked for a technology consultancy for one year. In June 2020, he started as a trainee at Bilz Vibration Technology AG.

“Although I already knew the company and the structure from my role as a shareholder, it was important for me to get to know all the divisions and all the employees personally and to work with everyone for a while,” says Raphael Bilz. That was very helpful for mutual understanding.

The insight into all procedures and processes really rounded out his picture. During this time, he learned a lot about the challenges at work, but also about the people at Bilz. One of his concerns is to contribute to further development and improvement with his knowledge. “It always makes me happy when together we succeed in solving multi-layered tasks and at the same time making them better, easier, or simpler.” For Raphael Bilz, the intensive reflection and weekly exchange with the CEO Marco Bilz was helpful. Summing up the trainee programme, he says, “I learned a lot during this year, but I was also able to contribute a lot and implement it together with my colleagues.

Raphael Bilz now feels well prepared for the newly created position of ‘Executive Assistant’. He wants to help shape the strategic and future-oriented topics and develop the company in the long term together with Marco Bilz and all employees.