Insulation pads
Pad type B6

Extremely heavy-duty insulating pad with highest level consistency. For very heavy and long-bed machines.

General product description

Description insulation pad type B6
  • Variant without profiles.
  • Extremely high load capacity with the highest level consistency.
  • For very heavy and long-bed machines.

Technical data and variants

  • Bilz insulation pads can be cut with any circular or band saw.
  • We are happy to supply special sizes on request.
  • The specified maximum load is composed of static and dynamic loading of the machine. The best insulation effect is achieved at approximately 80-90 % of the specified maximum load.
  • Can also be supplied with a profile on one side (designated for example B4-1).
  • The stated coefficient of friction refers to conventional industrial screed.
  • Cutting tolerance is according to DIN 7715/T5, class P3.

50-350 N/cm²


15 mm

Coefficient of friction


Graphic legend

vertikal = vertical
horizontal = horizontal
Eigenfrequenz = natural frequency
Belastung = load

Bilz Isolierplatte B6 Grafik zur Darstellung der Eigenfrequenz

Dynamic natural frequency insulation pad B6

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