Insulation pads B13W

Insulation pads type B13W

  • Special variant for the highest insulation values.
  • Can be stacked up to 6 times.
  • Matching up to approximately 8 Hz.
  • Perfectly suited as a pad set for foundation insulation.


All information on our insulation pads can be found in our catalog excerpt “Insulation pads” (PDF).




Details (technical data)


  • Bilz insulation pads can be cut with any circular or band saw.
  • We are happy to supply special sizes on request.
  • The specified maximum load is composed of static and dynamic loading of the machine. The best insulation effect is achieved at approximately 80-90 % of the specified maximum load.
  • Can also be supplied with a profile on one side (designated for example B4-1).
  • The stated coefficient of friction refers to conventional industrial screed.
  • Cutting tolerance is according to DIN 7715/T5, class P3.


Load: 5-35 N/cm², Height: 13 mm, Coefficient of friction: 0.8


Eigenfrequenz = natural frequency

Belastung = load

Belastung Isolierplatte B13W Diagramm

General information about isolation pads


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