Bilz technology at the "coolest" place for
microscopy research in Singapore

A new laboratory space was created on the NTU campus.
Detail of insulation with Bilz AIS™ Active Isolation System for Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center of IBM and ETH Zurich

A new laboratory space was created in the basement level of a building on the NTU campus. The Ultra-low Vibration Laboratory hosts a microscope on a 55 tonne concrete block separate from the rest of the building. The block itself is suspended by air-cushions that actively adjust their displacements in six degrees of freedom, in order to cancel out incoming vibrations.

“If you have been to an optics or photonics research lab, think of an enormous optical table. This works on similar principles, except that it’s really, really heavy,” says Asst. Prof. Weber. “Active vibration cancellation for such extraordinary masses is a very new technology, supplied by BILZ, Germany. It has been deployed to only a handful of facilities worldwide.”

Read the full article from Nanyang Technological University here:

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