BILZ anti-vibration laboratory tables LTH with BiAir® membrane air springs and level control system

Our Bilz anti-vibration laboratory tables LTH - a professional and proven solution
Bilz News: schwingungsfreier Labortisch Bilginoglu

For production-related measurement and reproducible measurement results in quality assurance, floor vibrations are often a very big problem.

Our BILZ anti-vibration laboratory tables LTH are a professional and proven solution for effective quality assurance. The high-quality grinded and easy-to-clean hardstone slabs provide technically outstanding properties such as seismic base mass, mechanical bending stiffness and temperature stability. In the height-adjustable, powder-coated base, provide integrated BILZ BiAir® membrane air springs including a precise level control for high-quality vibration insulation.

Available in standardized, quickly available workstation sizes LTH 60 x 50 cm – LTH 200 x 100 cm BILZ supplies these tables already pre-assembled. Should the standard offering not meet your needs, BILZ can also manufacture individual solutions according to the customer’s requirements.

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