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Membrane air spring for effective vibration damping

The BiAir® membrane air spring insulator is made of turned or cast aluminium. The air space is enclosed by thin-walled flexible and pressure-resistant rolling membrane. A piston sits on top of the membrane and is pressed into the air space.

This design allows a highly effective insulation against vibration.

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Type series BiAir® in anodised aluminium

BiAir® ED-AL: details & enquiry Bilz details

BiAir AL

Type series BiAir® in cast aluminium

BiAir® ED/-HE/-HE-MAX: details & enquiry Bilz details

BiAir ED

General informations about selection and application of our BiAir® membrane air springs


  • The maximum permissible movement amplitude in the horizontal plane is between approximately 1 to 2 mm depending on the size of the air spring.
  • In addition to the standard solutions listed here we also offer numerous air springs with a larger stroke and lower natural frequency.
  • Powder coated air springs are also available in other RAL colours on request.
  • Permissible temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C


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    How the membrane air springs work

    In order to simultaneously achieve a high degree of damping, the air space within the insulator is divided into two chambers connected with an air tube (load/damping volume). An adjustable throttle valve is used to set the flow cross section to the desired damping effect from the outside. The friction in the air flow generated by the throttle valve can create a damping effect of up to 15 %. Damage to the rolling membrane due to overpressure is virtually excluded through the use of additional safety valves or a mechanical piston stroke limit.