Electro-Pneumatic Position Control EPPC™

EPPC™ - Electro-Pneumatic Position Control

Vibration isolation for highly dynamic and shock-sensitive machines

Our EPPC™, launched in the fall of 2013, provides optimal vibration isolation for highly dynamic and shock-sensitive machines. The system can be installed with high-precision machines, highly dynamical measurement, testing and production machines and microscopes.

The dynamic level control of the EPPC™ provides optimal level accuracy of +/- 8 µm as well as little deflection and short settling times at load changes.


Flexibility with multiple air spring types and sizes for individual demands

Bilz EPPC™ can be combined with three or six groups of air springs to control up to six degrees of freedom. Multiple air spring types and sizes are available to ensure that design and layout of the isolation system perfectly matches the individual demands of the specific application.


EPPC™ for highly sensitive locations and surroundings

The efficient electronics, consisting of a 14bit AD converter and 16bit signal processor, are integrated in the servo valves and thus ensure a nearly noise free regulation. Valves are mounted close to the corresponding air springs to eliminate control degradation through pressure losses in the air tubes. The CAN-Bus topology allows a distance of up to 20m (65ft) from the isolation system to the electronic control unit itself. This way the EPPC™ can even be applied at highly sensitive locations and surroundings e.g. clean room environment and laboratories etc.

Bilz Electro-Pneumatic Position Control provides optimum vibration isolation for highly dynamic and vibration-sensitive equipment. In the video you can see our demo system that was in use at the Automotive Testing 2014 in Stuttgart.


  • Semi-active vibration isolation with up to six degrees of freedom
  • Using PLC, CAN-Bus, a controlled servo valve and position sensor per degree of freedom
  • 14bit AD converter and proportional position valves for optimal control performance
  • Little deflection and settling times with load cycles
  • Efficient real time level control
  • Optimal level accuracy
  • Adjustable dampening
  • Intelligent browser based user interface Web Visualization (WebVisu) for configuration and diagnostic purposes
  • No disturbing heat generation, magnetic variations or high electrical power consumption as with electromagnetic actuators / linear motors.
EPPC™ - Electro-Pneumatic Position Control

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