Vibration-isolated Foundations

Isolated Foundations

Bilz Insulating Plates and Air Springs are extraordinarily effective for the suppression of vibrations in foundations and baseplates.

The function of a foundation is primarily to provide a rigid base for a machine but also to increase the moment of inertia. The foundation thus benefits the vibration behavior of the machine by reducing the vibration amplitude. Still, the common understanding that a foundation just has to be big enough to prevent all vibration problems is just wrong.

In most cases it is helpful to take as many measurements as possible of the machine and its future location. An on-site vibration analysis  is a requirement for optimal vibration-related calibration. The isolation and separation of the machine and foundation from the ground guarantees that the machine can be operated without disturbance. We have been collecting experience in this special area for many years and will be happy to undertake all the work related to vibration analysis, planning and design for you.

Structure of Isolated Foundations

Structure of Isolated Foundations
  1. Foundation (side wall)
  2. Mineral fibres and cover plates (lost formwork)
  3. Foundation block
  4. PVC film cover
  5. Mineral fibres and cover plates (lost formwork)
  6. Bilz insulation plates
  7. Foundation (base)

Vibration-isolated platform

Many applications require indirect vibration isolation due to the requirements for isolation efficiency and level of consistency or due to lack of rigidity. If a foundation isolation is not possible, e. g. because

  • it is a floor installation,
  • there is limited on site space,
  • the place of installation has to be flexible (mobility),

machinery mounting on a vibration-isolated platform is a proven solution. Usually, either welded steel structures or cast plates are used for that. Depending on the design of the platform, the base of the machine is additionally broadened and the center of gravity is lowered due to the additional mass or position of the isolators. This significantly improves the mechanical stability of the overall system. In this way, also machines with a high center of gravity and / or a small footprint can be mounted on very low frequency and therefore soft isolators.

Examples for vibration-isolated platforms:

Bild einer schwingungsisolierten Plattform, Basisausführung

Basic platform

Bild einer schwingungsisolierten Plattform, Ausführung für niedrige Aufbauhöhe und Anlagen mit hohem Schwerpunkt

Platform for lower building heights  and machines with a high center of gravity

Bild einer schwingungsisolierten Plattform, Ausführung für minimale Aufbauhöhe und für Anlagen mit sehr hohem Schwerpunkt

Platform for minimal building heights and machines with a very high center of gravity

The following pages will introduce you to a few sample applications of our products. You can access additional information and project reports by clicking on the download link.

More sample applications: Foundation Isolation

Anwendungsbeispiel 1: Fundamentisolierung

Foundation isolation with BiAir® membrane air springs and level control

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Anwendungsbeispiel 2: Fundamentisolierung

Foundation isolation with FAEBI® rubber air springs and level control. Realization with prefabricated concrete slabs.

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Anwendungsbeispiel 3: Fundamentisolierung

Foundation isolation with sets of isolation pads and permanent formwork

Download here (German only)

Sample application: Foundation isolation

Development of low-vibration foundations for 11 test environments in a newly built precision laboratory

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