Accessories for Bilz products

Leveling Screws for series BNV and BNR

Leveling Screws


with 2 screws and 2 washers

For Bilz leveling elements series BNV and BNR. The size of the screws depends on the size of the mounting hole on the machine!

Bilz Horizontal elements for machines with a very high horizontal force

Horizontal Elements


Bilz Horizontal elements are used on machines with a very high horizontal force, or when machines are interlinked and have to be affixed horizontally. Bilz leveling elements from the BNV series are used as pressure plates guaranteeing isolation from vibration. Bilz Horizontal Elements are available in 2 sizes with 1500/2500 daN.

Insulating washers for screw head isolation

Insulating washers for screw head isolation


For screws with a diameter up to M 12 / M 20 / M 30
Outside diameter: 35 mm / 50 mm / 70 mm
Hole diameter: 13 mm / 21 mm / 31 mm
installation height: 20 mm / 21 mm / 25 mm
Maximal pre-load force: 200 daN / 300 daN / 450 daN

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